Pack Monadnock Trail Alliance

Pack Monadnock Trail Alliance 2017-12-05T16:50:18+00:00

Our goal is to find an alternative solution utilizing modern technologies that do not destroy the existing hiking experience.

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission plans to replace the existing power line on the upper half of Pack Monadnock Mountain within the Miller State Park. Their plan is to install up to 18 utility poles and subsequent power lines crisscrossing the hiking road. These will replace the current lines that lay along the ground within the forest. The road is the most popular hiking trail within Miller State Park. The PUC plan is will destroy this hiking experience.

The Pack Monadnock Trail Alliance is creating an alliance of people and organizations to work with the PUC and other authorities to find a better way to accomplish this necessary upgrade to the power needs of the Miller State Park.