The Project

The Project 2017-12-05T16:21:08+00:00

The utility line that supplies power to the summit businesses and state organizations needs to beĀ upgraded. It does not meet current construction and safety codes. The solution as currently proposed by the NH PUC would install 18 utility poles and cables along the Miller State Park Road. The resulting impact of this construction will destroy the hiking and driving experience enjoyed by thousands of visitors to Miller State Park every year.

The existing utility lines are located in a conduit that travels through the forest near the road. This method preserves the forest canopy along the road.

The goal of the PMTA is to find an alternative solution utilizing modern technologies that do not destroy the existing hiking experience.

Here is the original proposal from the NH PUC presented to the public in September of 2017.

What is The PMTA doing?

  • We have formed a group of citizens to work together with the NH PUC, NH Parks Department, Eversource and others to find a solution that will protect the hiking and driving experience we all currently enjoy.

We have also reached out to the following:

  • State Representatives
  • State Senators
  • Town of Peterborough Select people
  • Town of Temple Select people
  • We have currently halted the project as initially proposed to allow more citizen input.
  • Actively pursuing meetings with NH State Parks Department to review the project, view the site and hear our concerns.